How to maintain hardware accessories

In our daily life will often come into contact with hardware,

Some hardware used for a long time, then there will be some problems,

Inconvenience to our lives. Hardware should be paid attention to one aspect,

Buy quality hardware to make use of time longer.

After the purchase of hardware, hardware maintenance is also a very important part,

Unique maintenance tips to make the life of the hardware continues to extend,

Let us know some of the hardware maintenance method!

Black metal is mainly due to a lot of perspiration caused

Black metal is mainly due to a lot of perspiration caused by sweating, is emitted from the cells.

Sweat composition can be divided into two kinds of inorganic and organic components, are metabolic products.

The inorganic components are mainly sodium chloride, calcium carbonate and other salts, which are acidic and alkaline,

The excessive accumulation of these acids and components will directly damage the skin, damage the skin's tissue cells, but also can destroy a lot of superficial oil film.

A large number of bacteria, parasites, etc, which exist on the surface of the skin due to air pollution and the use of instruments in labor,

Will the decomposition of the organic component of sweat, produce a variety of toxic substances, releasing the gas smell,

Sweat is mainly composed of sodium chloride, calcium carbonate and other salts, are acidic, alkaline also have,

At the same time to make a lot of hardware products on the surface of the sealing oil or copper oxide,

Lead to the direct cause of the discoloration of the metal, in order to surface commonly used points, usually go back to the best to use a wet towel,

Wipe off Hanze surface is estimated to be a little bit of life extension


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